Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My top 10 reasons for enjoying living in Arizona.

March 12, 2014

I am an East coast girl through and through, however,  I have come to enjoy living in Arizona and here is a list of my top ten reasons why:

1.  We live 10 minutes from our oldest twin daughter and her husband.

2.  They have given us our first grandson and he is a true joy.

3.  Granddaughter #2 is on her way.

4.  We can now easily drive to see our next 3 oldest daughters rather than fly.

5.  Our youngest has made so many wonderful new friends here.

6.  We were able to attend the groundbreaking of the Gilbert Temple and now have the blessings of being able to attend this Temple.

7. Stephen has been able to buy a dental practice here.

8.  I can do my morning run or bicycling outdoors in the sunshine from March through October.

9.  I have recently been able to almost complete an 18 month program and become a docent at the Phoenix Art Musuem.

10. I can truly say that I have come to enjoy living in the West and experiencing a totally different lifestyle which has taught me new and interesting things.

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Jessica and Trent said...

Good list!! But every post needs pictures ;) I thought you may joke and have the whole list be Aiden..haha.