Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peach picking

A few weeks back we had a fun family outing. Jess is always
finding great things to do in the area and this one was even
free. Stephen,Trent, Jess and I went to a large working farm
that let you pick or buy their produce year round. At this
time of year they had lots of peaches to pick and apricots.
They also had a big tasting tent with their peach salsa, peach
jam, peach gumballs and a lot more. They also had a pancake
breakfast, petting farm animals area and crafts for sale.
Stephen and I picked our own peaches. It was fun!

8th grade end of year celebration

I was on the committee to plan the 8th grade celebration
for Amber's school. I was in charge of the raffle. I went
to many local businesses asking for contributions and got
things like: Bahama bucks shaved ice cards, Cold Stone
cards, Tropical smoothie cards, Polar Ice skating sessions,
Jump Street sessions, a free manicure....etc. Then we
kicked it up a notch and used some donation money and
bought I-tune cards, session passes to a water park, and
the biggy 5 longboards. It was fun to give the kids all
that fun stuff. Funny enough the best and most expensive
2 boards went to girls that I am guessing had never stood
on a longboard in their lives.

Donny and Marie

I heard that Donny and Marie were in town doing a signing
for their new CD and I couldn't resist jumping in the car
and driving to Chandler for a photo op?! Trust me that's
all I got it was crazy crowded. It was still fun though.

My birthday

I haven't posted in such a long time so I thought I should get with it!
This year my birthday fell on Mother's Day. So my family was double
nice to me :) The night before Stephen took me out to dinner at Red
Lobster (my choice) and a movie "Water for Elephants". I really liked
it. Then on Sunday Stephen and Amber made me breakfast. After church
Jess and Trent made me enchiladas. Then came the big surprize. This
year the girls decided to get me one big gift....a kitchen aid. I was
very surprized and really like it. It was a very nice day!
P.S. Every year I have a card contest and choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd
place winner. I have 2 categories. They are: 1 it must make me laugh
out loud or 2 cry or at least choke up. I usually get mostly the first
category. This year Jill won with the kicking one, 2nd was Amber's
an online card by Hoops and Yo-yo and 3rd Mimi's the little girl with shoes
surrounding her. For sentimental Amy won by sending me texts every hour
telling me what she loved about me. It was really great! Also my Mom
sent me a really nice card that made me cry. So there you have it.