Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Suns/Jazz Game

Amber's dance/singing group, Light had the chance to perform at the pre game show tonight at the Sun's arena. It was just the older group but we got tickets to go. Unfortunately Stephen, Trent and Amber have been sick and couldn't make it but Jessica and I couldn't resist a fun outing. It was a great game and we got free food at the concessions. An usher even let us move done to good seats at halftime. The Suns are my main team now even though their season isn't going too well. I would love to go again sometime, we had fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14

I really like Valentine's Day. Unfortunately my husband finds it to be contrived and really doesn't like it. So it's alittle bit of a problem. Today we both ended not feeling so great and stayed home from work. I finally managed to get him to take me to IHop. It kind of cracked
me up because it was crowded and we were just about the youngest couple there. Here is a
cheesy photo of us because no one was around to take it. Then to make it even more romantic
I got him to go to Target and shop alittle. There you have it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trip to New York

I spent all last week in New York sith my Mom. She just had her second hip replacement surgery and needed alittle help in the recovery part of things. It was snowing when I landed and I felt like it was Christmastime. I loved it. It was only about 10 degrees everyday. I was there from Feb. 5-11. We had a very relaxing time and visited a lot. I worked on her photo albums and one of mine. On Super bowl Sunday the Jensens and Clarks came over for a get together and we had a nice evening. in the evenings we watched movies. I gor Mom to watch a "Can't get enough of Rocky" run. We watched Rocky I through IV. I love Rocky I the other are pretty much downhill from there but I couldn't seem to get enough. Then back in Arizona I even caught Rocky V to finish the run ?! At the end of the week we got to take Mom out one time to see Samantha in her school musical "Hairspray" I really loved it. It is a great musical with excellent music and a ton of dancing. I just have to say, "I love New York"!!