Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Better...... :)

You know how you can kind of get on a roll when you start doing something that isn't that fun?! Well Amber's MiaMaid class is going to be visiting each girls bedroom to show the other girls. I was not too excited because it meant getting it at least semi presentable. Well we got going and drug everything out from under her bed. And i mean lots of junk. Then I cleaned off the dresser and nightstands. Well it got me motivated so onto my desk and i threw away a big stack of unneeded papers and whatnot. Didn't stop there. Next to the computer desk. I am so pleased. Remember to have people come to your house and look at rooms you don't usually have them in and start throwing away!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Black widow

O.K. a few minutes ago I took the recycling out and when I came back inside I looked down by the sliding glass door and saw this large black spider. Stephen confirmed it is a black widow. It is right next to our doggie door where the dogs are constantly running in and out. He said he would take care of it tomorrow?! Good luck sleeping tonight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hard to get there on time

This morning I had every intention of making it to my hair appointment on time. I had everything going as planned and was well into my exercise DVD when my cellphone went off in the other room. It was immediately followed by the home line which means one is one of the girls wondering why i won't pick up. So between lunges I run and grab the cell phone and put Amy on speaker as I go into squats. She has some questions that she wants addressed right away. I tell her to run it past her Dad. Okay still in squats the texting from Amber starts in. She says come over to the school and sign a paper for my classes next year. i tell her to just sign it. Four texts later she is still unwilling to forge my signature. I finish my crunches and yoga section completely distracted and messing everything up.
Then I rush to the shower and run to the car when my sister texts me about availability for an upcoming mother/daughter trip. At this point my head is spinning and all of my good intentions have come to naught as I pull into my appointment 10 minutes late. My stylist tells me it is O.K. which we all know is code for don't do this again if you want me to do your hair. : (
P.S. My hair does look better, she is good at what she does.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long lost phone

Moments ago Amber helped me cut open a big bag of kitchen garbage that bytheway was really
smelling. I felt pretty strongly that I should wait until I pitched it that I should search it.
As of Sunday morning ( it is Tuesday afternoon now) we have been on an all out search for Amber's cell phone. At first you know how it is, you look around in the obvious places and keep
thinking it will turn up. That night i got back out of bed with several other places to look. By the next day the search was intensified and we resort to the dismantling of her room. Retrace every step. Try the freezer, the pantry, the entire house. By day three I am losing it and can hardly concentrate on anything else. I must admit that i am alittle ashamed that I prayed for help over something as worldly as this but it was really getting to me. Although I do know that the reason I felt so strongly not to throw away the trash was not just coming from me. I also don't have enough faith because I really didn't think it would be in there. I mean she must have been pretty sleepy to throw away her phone. When she screamed there it is I grabbed it and ran to tell Stephen. Can I just say oh so happy, it is a new phone. And we did remember to say a prayer and say thanks for the help! Sorry, no photo this time of the gross garbage.